Monday, March 26, 2012

Athan's Bakery: Colorful Cakes for your Springtime Table

Just inside the door of Athan's European Bakery in Washington Square is a brilliant carnivale of color.  Sunlight fractures through dozens of pastel cellophane bags, filled with springtime goodies.  A freezer case full of gelato reminds me of a painter's palate, from its bright, glistening purple blackcurrant and the deep mauve of raspberry, to rich browns and beiges with undertones of cocoa or nuts.  From the shelves beckon little chocolate pyramids and hearts and bars wrapped in fine gold foil.  The urge to run around touching everything, to plunge my hands into the bins of cookies like a kid in a toy store, hits me hard.
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  1. Not much of a cake eater or lover, but that picture and your descriptions make me wonder what I'm missing. Got to start eating cake...
    G Tep