Sunday, September 4, 2011

La Morra: Flavors of Tuscany, from a Wood-Fired Grill

Brookline Village spot delivers some hits, a couple of misses, and one stupendous dessert
La Morra, it seems, is the little restaurant that could, back on its feet now after a kitchen fire in early March closed the place for several months.  The Tuscan-style dishes, particularly those prepared on the restaurant’s wood-fired grill, are an appetizing homage to the time owners Jen and Josh Ziskin spent in Italy, and the chic bar and trendy exposed-brick interior can almost make you forget you’re staring straight out the window at Route 9.

Stop in for a drink and you’ll find a parade of characters at the bar, where the colorful cocktails remind me of little society ladies, each with their own flair.  Tall, slim Violette is a vision in lavender, a mix of Hendrick’s gin and crème de violet draped in a yellow scarf of lemon peel; Ras’rita is a plump and jolly grande dame in a gown of deep pink raspberry and tequila, with thick wedges of lemon and lime plunked on the rim of the glass like two chunky rings of gold and emerald.  She’s loud where Violette is quiet, cloying where Violette is subtle, but they’re both a good time in their own way.
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  1. Your descriptions of the drinks and their comparisons were hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them--but being a Grey Goose kinda' gal, I doubt I would try them.
    G Tep