Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Washington Square Tavern: Beer, Burgers, and Banter

A visit to The Washington Square Tavern is an evening for good beer, good burgers, and good banter.  It’s like going to a party at the cool kids' place—you know the ones, who ironically wear tweed jackets and stock their bookshelves with Kerouac and Vonnegut.

Here at the Tavern, the décor is an homage to a passion for books and for biking, in the form of low, dark wood bookshelves and black-and-white photos of the Tour de France. There's a jovial feel in the air, cultivated by Gerry, the owner, who greets the regulars by name. A dining companion remarked that "all the faces look familiar—I feel like I know everybody here."

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  1. Loved the article. Love bugers and banter. Love breakfast for dinner--and you.
    G Tep