Monday, June 18, 2012

Umami: Asian Inspiration in a Bistro Setting

Fusion cuisine is a tricky concept. It's like a clever bait-and-switch, but more so than a simple substitution of one ingredient or side dish for another. Emergent fusion flavors should give a nod to both of their parents, entirely complementary, yet entirely unique. It's an adventure to discover one flavor hiding where another usually lives.  

At Brookline's Umami, the focus is on savory Asian-inspired tastes that meld with traditional French bistro fare. In 2010, after leaving Thai restaurant Khao Sarn, Japanese Chef Yoshi Hakamoto opened Umami with his wife, Nomun.


  1. OMG---to die for. My sister would have loved this. A good Thai chef is great.
    G Tep

  2. The food is mediocre and pricey for the quantity served.