Monday, December 12, 2011

Taberna de Haro: The Soul of Spanish Cuisine

 Casanovas, take note: I’ve got a recommendation for your next date.  There’s a cozy little tapas place on Beacon Street called Taberna de Haro, with mustard-and-cobalt tiles gleaming under dim yellow lights.  Ropes of garlic and garnet-colored chili peppers drape across the red-brick oven, like so many holiday garlands in Rockefeller Center.

Using your best Castilian Spanish, you’ll order seductive tapas like Codorniz al Xocolat, braised quail with a sauce made of cocoa, almonds, and hazelnuts, and meant to be shared, your fork accidentally clinking into your date’s as you both reach for seconds.  The warmer months promise charming outdoor seating, but now, in December, the restaurant door sends in a crisp draft of chilly air each time it opens; your date will shiver and lean in a bit closer.  This is food romance, a rhapsody of aroma and color and élan that enchants like nothing else.

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  1. Warms the cockles of your heart, too.

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