Monday, January 28, 2013

rosemary sea salt truffles

aaaaaaaand... I'm back.

Since this is, actually, a blog about food, and seeing as how I have remained woefully silent during the two most important months in a gourmande's year (gravy month and gingerbread month, I like to call them), it's high time for me to prove my continuing legitimacy as a cook.  My time has been vacuumed up by other writing—so much writing—but lest you think I've been silent because I haven't been cooking, let me assuage your fears.  This has been an inspired time for culinary experimentation, and in some cases I've been so far out on a limb that it's a wonder I didn't come crashing to the ground.  Much of the R&D in soup and chicken will show up here, in one form or another.

But I'll tease no further.  Let's get down to business with some truffles.  Sure, for my first recipe back, I could have gone with a banana-kale-nutritional yeast smoothie or some such nonsense, to help you keep your New Year's resolution.  But I'm more of a devil-on-your-shoulder kind of girl.  I'd never advise a vegetable smoothie when there are truffles to be had.  (If you're one of the veg-faithful, I'll be accepting your carrot-fueled snarky comments at the end of this post.)