Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Corrib Pub: Simple Food, Among Friends

In some ways, the Corrib Pub is the most old-fashioned place I've been to in a long while, a throwback to the type of bar whereplease excuse me for this—everybody knows your name.  

Here is a place where simple drinks are simply poured.  You won't find a frou-frou specialty drink menu; there's no pomegranate syrup or chocolate shavings.  What you will find, however, is an incredibly fresh and effervescent Guinness, or Harp, or Bass from the tap, perfect black & tans, and solid mixed drinks.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Golden Temple: Dinner for the Lunar New Year

For many observing last week's Lunar New Year, the perfect way to ring in the year of the water dragon is with an enticing feast of Chinese food.  And Golden Temple feels like an inviting place to celebrate.

This is sort of a restaurant-cum-nightclub, one half resembling cruise-ship style opulence—perfect for the sixty-and-up crowd—and the other half a bar under a high ceiling that, architecturally at least, makes me think of dining inside a beehive.  The crowd is a mix of teenyboppers and middle-aged folks lingering over their happy hour drinks, ordering everything from margaritas to sake to precisely-mixed drinks with names like the Raspberry Retropolitan and the Suffering Bastard.